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Wakeboard Boats are designed to create a large, specially shaped wake, for a wakeboarder to jump the wakes from side to side doing aerial tricks.

Boat types[edit]

Generally speaking, wakeboard specific boats are V-drive boats. This means they are an inboard boat with the engine placed backwards in the rear of the boat. This is done to keep more weight in the back of the boat and make the wake larger. Some wakeboard specific boat models are direct drive boats where the engine is in the middle of the boat. Most wakeboard boats will have several features that help to create large wakes. These include ballast, hydrofoil, and hull technology.

Wedges and plates[edit]

Many watersports boat manufacturers have developed systems to further enhance the shape of the wakes their boats create. These devices often help to lower the stern of the boat, which creates a larger wake and are very useful when wakesurfing as well. However, the quality and size of the wake is largely a function of the hull design and ballast weight of the boat.

Malibu Boats' "Wedge" is a hydrofoil device that can be extended or retracted. When the "Wedge" is extended it creates downward force that pulls the stern of the boat lower in the water. Mastercraft boats use an "attitude adjustment plate" which is a large trim tab that allows the boat to be trimmed- enhancing the wake. Correct Craft (aka Nautique) developed the "Hydrogate" which uses Bernoulli's Principle to trim their wakeboarding boats. It works by creating a small channel along the stern of the boat at the transom- when it is closed, the nose of the boat is lower when on a plane creating a wake better for skiing. When the trough opens, approximately 1/2 inches deep, the higher velocity of the water through the trough creates a region of lower pressure, and causes the transom to settle lower, for wakeboarding. Epic Boats Integrated Wake Shape Plate and Dynamic Reduction of Pressure Zone Wake-Enhancing Technology. The hull is specifically molded to displace monumental amounts of water. Skiers Choice, manufacturer of Supra and Moomba, has created a wake plate that aids the boat in planing by allowing the driver to adjust the device (basically a trim tab). All manufactures have some type of ballast system in addition to the other devices.

Hull technology[edit]

Hull technology is the innovation and R&D that the manufacturers put into their boats to ensure the best stock wake possible. Many boarders use aftermarket ballast and lead to further weigh down their boats for very large wakes or for sports such as wake surfing. Most wakeboat manufacturers have installed factory ballast but sometimes more weight is needed. Ballast can take the form of hard tanks or soft bags which are filled with water from the body of water the boat is being operated on.

Wakeboard tower[edit]

A wakeboard tower is usually one of the specific characteristics of a wakeboard boat. It elevates the pulling position of the rope allowing the rider to launch and stay into the air longer reducing the pull downwards. Wakeboard Racks and Bimini tops can be attached to the tower, getting equipment up and out of the boat and harm's way.

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