Wakey Wakey Campers

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Wakey Wakey Campers
Atherfield Bay Holiday Centre 2.JPG
Atherfield Bay Holiday Centre, the location of the series.
Starring Debbie Chazen as Narrator & Tony King as head entertainer
Country of origin United Kingdom
No. of episodes 4
Running time 60mins (inc. adverts)
Original channel Channel 4
Original run 2005 – 2005

Wakey Wakey Campers is a British Reality television series about a group of modern holiday-makers who stay on a mock 1960s-style holiday camp. The series finds out whether they will enjoy the experience, lack of technology, living conditions and activities. The series was filmed at Atherfield Bay Holiday Camp in the Isle of Wight and starred, among others, singer-songwriter and entertainer Tony King, South west comedian Buster and St.Helens born comedy vocalist John Devereux. The series was produced by Twenty Twenty Television, and aired on Tuesday nights throughout August. Viewing figures peaked at 2.3 million, and was featured as Radio Times front cover for the shows opening month.

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