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Web address http://social.wakoopa.com/
Type of site Social Networking
Owner Wouter Broekhof & Robert Gaal
Created by Wouter Broekhof & Robert Gaal
Launched May 2007
Current status Discontinued in June 2012

Wakoopa was a social networking site that monitored the software applications its members use.


Wakoopa uses a client side tracking software application that logs the usage of software, including games and web applications[1] and lets users publish this usage information on their profiles at the website. Analysis of ones profile may lead to recommendations for alternative of additional software. On the website users can write reviews, give descriptions, and tag software.


The site is based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

In June 2008, Wakoopa announced $1 million USD in new funding led by venture firms Big Bang Ventures and HENQ Invest.[2]

In June 2012, Wakoopa announced by e-mail that the Social Wakoopa service would close at the end of the month.[3]


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