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Stewardship of Waldburg-Zeil
→ County of Waldburg-Zeil
→ Principality of Waldburg-Zeil
Truchsessenamt Waldburg-Zeil
→ Grafschaft Waldburg-Zeil
→ Fürstentum Waldburg-Zeil
State of the Holy Roman Empire
Wappen Waldburg.svg

Coat of arms

Capital Zeil
Languages Alemannic German
Government Principality
Historical era Middle Ages
 -  Partitioned from
 -  Raised to County 1628
 -  Annexed half of

 -  Partitioned to create

 -  Raised to principality 1803
 -  Mediatised to
    Kgdm Württemberg

Waldburg-Zeil was a County located in southeastern Baden-Württemberg, Germany, located around Schloss Zeil, near Leutkirch im Allgäu. Waldburg-Zeil was a partition of Waldburg-Wolfegg-Zeil. Originally ruled by Truchesses (Stewards), Waldburg-Zeil was elevated to a County in 1628, and a Principality in 1803 shortly before being mediatised to Württemberg in 1806.

In 1674, Waldburg-Zeil was partitioned between itself and Waldburg-Wurzach. Count Francis Anthony inherited Waldburg-Trauchburg in 1772 (the districts of Friedburg and Scheer were later sold to Thurn und Taxis in 1785), and Steward Froben and Steward Henry of Waldburg-Wolfegg partitioned Waldburg-Waldburg after the death of Steward Gebhard.

Rulers of Waldburg-Zeil[edit]

Stewards of Waldburg-Zeil (1589–1628)[edit]

  • Froben (1589–1614)
  • John James I (1614–28)

Counts of Waldburg-Zeil (1628–1803)[edit]

  • John James I (1628–74)
  • Paris James (1674–84)
  • John Christopher (1684–1717)
  • John James II (1717–50)
  • Francis Anthony (1750–90)
  • Maximilian Wunibald (1790–1803)

Princes of Waldburg-Zeil (1803–1806)[edit]

  • Maximilian Wunibald (1803–06)

The present Count is Franz Josef von Waldburg-Zeil-Hohenems.[1][2]