Wales national men's roller derby team

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Team Wales
Founded 2013

Red, white, black

Head coach Peter Butler
Manager Billie Pistol

Team Wales represents Wales in men's international roller derby. The team was first formed in 2013 to compete in the inaugural Men's Roller Derby World Cup on the 4th-6 March 2014 in Birmingham, England. Players attended tryouts throughout July and August 2013, and were scouted from the Men's European Roller Derby Championships 2013.

Current team roster[edit]

The final line-up was announced in August 2013; more than half the skaters selected for the team were from the South Wales Silures.[1]

Number Name League
1 Cool Jam Luke Swansea City Roller Derby
2X4 Lil Jon South Wales Silures
3 Hayes South Wales Silures
9 Hits 'N' Crash South Wales Silures
15 Eastern Blocker South Wales Silures
17 Jenkins Southern Discomfort Roller Derby
25 Truck Rodgers Crash Test Brummies
26 Swiftyfool MK Quads of War
36 Ben Twilly South Wales Silures
43 Toxic Waltz Swansea City Roller Derby
010 The Love Muscle South Wales Silures
117 rollCall South Wales Silures
218 Marc of the Beast South Wales Silures
254 The Machinist Swansea City Roller Derby
79 The Mechanic South Wales Silures
337 Elderlee South Wales Silures
2828 Finch of Fury South Wales Silures
C4 Cronick South Wales Silures
FE28 Ieuan Man South Wales Silures
HK86 Gwai Lo Southern Discomfort Roller Derby

Coaching staff[edit]

  • Peter Butler (Neil Helado) - Bench Coach
  • Billie Pistol - Lineup Manager
  • Oon Robbins - Assistant Coach

MRDWC 2014[edit]

The Wales National squad started the tournament in Red Group, with pool matches against eventual winners Team USA and Finland.

G: Wales 107 Finland 35 G: Wales 13 USA 217

Wales then drew Canada in the quarter finals:

Q: Wales 46 Canada 281

Wales were then knocked down into the Plate Semi-finals and played nearby neighbours Power of Scotland:

S: Wales 245 Scotland 123

Upon winning that game they finally drew the Wizards of Aus (Australia) in the Plate Final:

P: Wales 200 Australia 201

Wales finished the tournament 6th in the World and 3rd in Europe.


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