Walker Creek (Marin County, California)

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Coordinates: 38°12′30″N 122°55′49″W / 38.20833°N 122.93028°W / 38.20833; -122.93028
Walker Creek
Country United States
State California
Region Marin County
District West Marin
 - left Frink Canyon, Verde Canyon
 - right Keys Creek, Chileno Creek
Primary source Arroyo Sausal
 - coordinates 38°5′52″N 122°41′16″W / 38.09778°N 122.68778°W / 38.09778; -122.68778 [1]
Secondary source Salmon Creek
 - coordinates 38°10′7″N 122°42′5″W / 38.16861°N 122.70139°W / 38.16861; -122.70139 [2]
Source confluence confluence
 - elevation 200 ft (61 m) [2]
 - coordinates 38°9′42″N 122°46′53″W / 38.16167°N 122.78139°W / 38.16167; -122.78139 [3]
Mouth Tomales Bay
 - location south of Preston Point
 - elevation 0 ft (0 m)
 - coordinates 38°12′30″N 122°55′49″W / 38.20833°N 122.93028°W / 38.20833; -122.93028 [3]
Length 18.5 mi (30 km) [3]

Walker Creek is a northwest-flowing stream in western Marin County, California, United States. It originates at the confluence of Salmon Creek and Arroyo Sausal and empties into Tomales Bay south of Dillon Beach, California.


Soulajule Reservoir is located on the Arroyo Sausal branch of this stream.

From the confluence of Arroyo Sausal and Salmon Creek, Walker Creek descends to the northwest, paralleling Marshall-Petaluma Road as it curves westward. At the mouth of Verde Canyon, the creek crosses under the road and turns northwest, passing the mouth of Frink Canyon to a confluence with Chileno Creek. From there, it meanders westward, passing south of the town of Tomales, California. It crosses under State Route 1 at milepost 44.45 and is immediately joined by Keys Creek, entering from the north. Walker Creek continues southward along the highway to enter Tomales Bay just east of Preston Point.


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