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The Élysette in Namur is the office building of the Walloon Minister-President

The Walloon Government (French: Gouvernement wallon) is the executive branch of the Walloon Region, and it is part of one of the six main governments of Belgium. It sits in Namur, where the Walloon Parliament is seated as well.


Current composition[edit]

Following the 7 June 2009 election,     PS (29 seats),     Ecolo (14 seats) and     CDH (13 seats) parties formed a coalition.

Walloon Government - Demotte II
Party Name Function
PS Rudy Demotte Minister-President
PS Jean-Claude Marcourt Vice-Minister-President; Minister of Economy and Foreign Commerce
PS Paul Furlan Minister of Local Government and City Policy
PS Éliane Tillieux Minister of Social Action and Public Health
CDH Benoit Lutgen Minister of Public Works, Agriculture, Rural Affairs, Patrimony and Nature Policy
CDH André Antoine Minister of Budget, Finance, Employment, Education and Sports
Ecolo Jean-Marc Nollet Minister of Energy, Housing, Public Office and Sustainable Development
Ecolo Philippe Henry Minister of Mobility and Planning

Composition 2004-2009[edit]

After the elections of 13 June 2004, the     PS (34 seats) en     CDH (14 seats) formed a coalition.

Walloon Cabinet - Demotte I
Party Name Function
PS Rudy Demotte (from July 2007) Minister-President
PS Elio Di Rupo (from October 2005 until July 2007) Minister-President
PS Jean-Claude Van Cauwenberghe (until 30 September 2005) Minister-President
CDH André Antoine Vice-Minister-President; Minister of Housing, Transport and Territorial Development
PS Michel Daerden Vice-Minister-President; Minister of Budget, Finance and Public Works
PS Marie Arena Minister of Formation/Training
PS Philippe Courard Minister of Home Affairs and Public Function
CDH Marie-Dominique Simonet Minister of Scientific Research, New Technologies en Foreign Affairs
PS Jean-Claude Marcourt Minister of Economy, Employment, Foreign Commerce and Patrimony
PS Christiane Vienne Minister of Public Health, Social Affairs and Equal Chances
CDH Benoit Lutgen Minister of Agriculture, Rural Affairs, Environment and Tourism

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