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Walls built by Ancient Rome include, in chronological order of construction:

  • Servian Wall, built around Rome in the early 4th century BC
  • Chester city walls, originating as part of the fortress of Deva Victrix between 70 and 80 AD
  • York city walls, originally constructed around 71 AD when York was a Roman colony
  • Hadrian's Wall, built in England beginning in 122 AD at the edge of Roman conquest to keep out the Scots
  • Antonine Wall, a short-lived, advanced frontier wall built in Scotland north of Hadrian's Wall beginning in 142 AD
  • London Wall, built around Londinium between 190 and 225, probably between 200 and 220
  • Roman Walls of Lugo, built between 263 and 276 AD to defend the Roman town of Lucus Augusti (in what is now Spain)
  • Aurelian Walls, the later wall of Rome, built in the late 3rd century AD
  • Walls of Constantinople, a great defensive wall that defended the metropolitan capital from the fourth century AD until 1453
  • Anastasian Wall, a wall named after Byzantine Emperor Anastasius I to ensure extra defenses for Constantinople; there is evidence that the fortification existed in 469, prior to his reign

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