Walnut Street Park

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Walnut Street Park
Walnut Street Park - Hillsboro, Oregon.JPG
Type Public, city
Location Hillsboro, Oregon
United States
Coordinates 45°31′32″N 122°59′14″W / 45.52556°N 122.98722°W / 45.52556; -122.98722Coordinates: 45°31′32″N 122°59′14″W / 45.52556°N 122.98722°W / 45.52556; -122.98722
Area 2.5 acres (10,000 m2)
Created 1998
Operated by Hillsboro Parks & Recreation Department
Status open
Parking On-street parking

Walnut Street Park is a small municipal park in Hillsboro in the U.S. state of Oregon. Opened in 1998, the park covers 2.5 acres (10,000 m2) along southeast Walnut Street a several blocks east of Tenth Avenue in a predominantly Hispanic neighborhood.


The park was built around 1998 in the mainly Hispanic neighborhood southeast of Downtown Hillsboro.[1] During a gang fight in 2001 at the park, one person was hospitalized with a stab wound,[2] and around 2005 a picnic table was stolen from the park.[1] The park was added by the Hillsboro School District to the list of parks used for the district’s free summer lunch program in 2006.[3]

Walnut Street Park was the scene of a shooting in March 2008,[4] and an arrest for a stabbing in July 2011.[5] The shooting was considered gang related,[4] while the stabbing was a domestic disturbance at a nearby home where the suspect then hid in the park.[5] Sexual Minorities of Washington County adopted the park in 2009 as part of the cities Adopt a Park program.[6]

In 2012, a federal grant paid for improvements at the park, including a splash pad.[7] Other improvements paid for by the $175,000 grants included new park benches and grass.[7] The park received new sod in October 2012 as part of the same renovations.[8] The used sod came from a former softball field at the Gordon Faber Recreation Complex that was removed to make way for the new Hillsboro baseball stadium.[8] A man was arrested in March 2014 for firing gunshots in the park.[9][10]


The 2.5-acre (1.0 ha) park is in a residential neighborhood, surrounded by housing and does not have any natural areas.[1] Walnut Street Park does have many older deciduous trees throughout, along with grassy areas.[1] Other features of the park include sidewalks, picnic tables, a children’s playground, picnic shelter, soccer field, and a basketball court.[11] The park only has on-street parking along Walnut Street.[1]


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