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Walnut Tree Records
Founded 2007–2012
Founder Tom Beck
Defunct 2012
Genre Alternative rock
Pop-Punk[citation needed]
Indie rock
Country of origin United Kingdom
Location Watford, Hertfordshire
Official website walnuttreerecords.co.uk

Walnut Tree Records established in 2007, is a British independent record label specialising in limited run releases from new and upcoming bands from around the United Kingdom.


The label was founded by Tom Beck. After running the Walnut Tree per-zine for a number of years, Tom Beck decided to begin a small-time distribution company servicing American pop-punk bands to the UK market at near cost-price. The Walnut Tree introduced records from Four Year Strong, Valencia and Daggermouth to the United Kingdom.

Tiger Please featured in a full page 'introducing' feature in November 2009 in Kerrang! magazine and then a centerfold poster in September 2010. Tiger Please have also appeared at Download and Sonisphere Festivals in 2010, the largest appearances by a Walnut Tree Records band. The band have also appeared on the covermount CDs of the February 2010 issues of both Classic Rock and Rock Sound magazines. Their video for "Autumn Came The Fall" was premiered on Kerrang.com and reached number 6 in the Kerrang TV charts.

Current roster[edit]

List of former bands[edit]

Releases distributed by Walnut Tree Records[edit]

Walnut Tree Records also offers a CD distribution service. Originally titled The Walnut Tree, the service offers new and hard to reach releases from North American bands to the UK public at cost base prices. The releases are available in a limited run and only through the label's online store. The idea behind this service was that often these releases, at the time of distribution, weren't cost effective when importing single copies and therefore Walnut Tree Records felt that bulk buying them direct from the bands or labels would make it easier for UK fans to buy physical copies.

  1. The Wonder Years / Bangarang! - (Split EP)
  2. Permanent Me - {Dear Virginia EP)
  3. Valencia - This Could Be a Possibility
  4. Four Year Strong - {(Rise Or Die Trying))
  5. Daggermouth - (Turf Wars)
  6. Daggermouth - (Stallone)
  7. Nothing Unexpected - (Nothing Unexpected)
  8. Arden - (The Big Picture EP)
  9. Olympians - (You Were My Inspiration)
  10. The Lion And The Wolf - (The Lion And The Wolf EP)
  11. The Republic Of Wolves - (His Old Branches EP)
  12. The Republic Of Wolves - (Varuna)
  13. Day Of Rising - (Deceivers United)
  14. City Light Thief - (Laviin)

The label suffered a setback when trying to import a release by the band Rushmore Academy in 2007. The band accepted payment up front for 20 copies of their EP but then failed to supply the CDs, causing Walnut Tree Records to lose £70 in the process. Rushmore Academy failed to reply to any correspondence and have since broken up. While this seems like a nominal amount to lose in comparison, it caused the postponement of the service for almost three years while Tom focused on UK releases. The service has since returned in 2010 with releases from US bands Arden and Olympians.

Bands appearing on Walnut Tree Records releases[edit]

The following bands have all featured on at least one Walnut Tree Records release. Those in bold were full releases, those in italics were distributed through the label:

A Broken Robot, A Word Like.Attack, All Or Nothing, Arden, Attention, Bangarang!, Bangers, Bayonets, Brave Citizens, Burn The Fleet, Call Me Ishmael, Canterbury, City Light Thief, Cuba Cuba, Cutting Class, Daggermouth, Danger Is My Middle Name, Day Of Rising, Delta/Alaska, Don Broco, Drawings, Fire In The Attic, Fluid Lines, Four Year Strong, Francesqa, Ghostlines, Great Caesar, Gunning For Tamar, Have You Heard, Joey Terrifying, Kidnapper Bell, Liam Clayton, Lonely The Brave, LYU, Mutiny On The Bounty, Mybe, Newlands, Nothing Unexpected, Olympians, Over And Out, Overthrow, Paige, Pareto, Permanent Me, Portman, Samoans, Show It Off!, Taking Chase, The Barent Sea, The Law Among Tigers, The Lion And The Wolf, The Long Haul, The Maple State, The Republic Of Wolves, The Ruined, The Tupolev Ghost, The Wonder Years, The Vanity Score, They Sink Ships, Tiger Please, Valencia, Venice Ahoy, Viva Sleep, We Push Buttons, Wilson Fisk, Wolf Am I.


Release catalogue[edit]

This is the release list of Walnut Tree Records in chronological order...

  1. Paige - (If You Say So) (NOWTR001) (March 2008 (ltd. 1000))
  2. Portman - From Here To Your Eyes And Ears (PEPWTR002) (March 2008 (ltd. 1000))
  3. Waiting For Sirens - Self Titled (WTR001) (July 2008 (ltd. 1000))
  4. Portman - Remembering Fondly (WTR002) (December 2008 (ltd. 100 physical / free download))
  5. Portman - Unplugged (WTR003) (December 2008 (ltd. 100 physical / free download))
  6. Bayonets - Wishes & Wishes (WTR004) (March 2009 (ltd. 1000))
  7. Portman - These Songs Were Written In Bedrooms & Village Halls (WTR005) (June 2009 (ltd. 500))
  8. Various Artists - Punktastic: Un-Scene 5 (WTR006) (August 2009 (Charity compilation))
  9. Tiger Please - They Don't Change Under Moonlight (WTR007) (November 2009 (ltd. 1000))
  10. Viva Sleep - The House Of Viva Sleep (WTR008) (February 2010 (ltd. 100))
  11. Burn The Fleet - Burn The Fleet (WTR009) (March 2010 (ltd. 1000))
  12. Tiger Please - Seasons (WTR010) (May 2010 (ltd. 1000))
  13. Cuba Cuba - Home Is The Fire (WTR011) (May 2010))
  14. Various Artists - Discovery (WTR012) (July 2010))
  15. Burn The Fleet - Black Holes (WTR013) (October 2010))
  16. Delta / Alaska - Start With The Cage (WTR014) (November 2010))
  17. Call Me Ishmael - I Am Stop, You Are Go (WTR015) (November 2010))
  18. Day Of Rising - American Professional (WTR016) (November 2010))
  19. The Maple State - First The Worst (WTR017) (November 2010))
  20. Newlands - Say (WTR018) (November 2010))
  21. Ghostlines - Act Your Innocence (WTR019) (December 2010))
  22. Drawings - Bones (WTR020) (March 2011))
  23. Gunning For Tamar - Deaf Cow Motel (WTR021) (May 2011))
  24. Cuba Cuba - Where Else Is Safe But The Road? (WTR022) (June 2011))
  25. Rob Lynch - The East EP (WTR023) (October 2011))

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