Walter H. Lowrie

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Water Hoge Lowrie (March 3, 1807 – November 14, 1876) was a Pennsylvania jurist.

He was born in Armstrong County, Pennsylvania, son of Walter Lowrie, and nephew of Senator Walter Lowrie. After serving in the Pittsburgh Bureau of Fire until 1842,[1] he became a lawyer, serving as a district judge in Pennsylvania from 1846 to 1851. An 1826 graduate of the Western University of Pennsylvania,[1] now known as the University of Pittsburgh, he was also served as the first professor of law at the university from 1843 to 1851.[2] He was named justice of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, serving from 1851 to 57, and promoted to chief justice of the court, serving from 1857 to 1863. He died in Meadville, Pennsylvania, 1876. Burial location unknown.


Legal offices
Preceded by
Ellis Lewis
Chief Justice of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court
Succeeded by
George W. Woodward