Walter Island

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Walter Island
Location James Bay
Coordinates 53°19′N 79°40′W / 53.317°N 79.667°W / 53.317; -79.667 (Walter Island)Coordinates: 53°19′N 79°40′W / 53.317°N 79.667°W / 53.317; -79.667 (Walter Island)
Archipelago Canadian Arctic Archipelago
Nunavut  Nunavut
Region Qikiqtaaluk
Population Uninhabited

Walter Island is one of several uninhabited Canadian arctic islands in Nunavut, Canada located within James Bay. It is 3 km2 (1.2 sq mi) in size,[1] and is situated 15 km (9.3 mi) east of North Twin Island.[2]

The island takes part in surveys for polar bear summer refuge.[3]


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