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Walter Traugott Ulrich Pagel
Walter Pagel c1936.jpg
Walter Pagel c. 1936
Born 12 November 1898
Died 25 March 1983
Nationality German
Spouse(s) Magda Koll (−1980)
Children Bernard Pagel (1930–2007)
Parents Julius Leopold Pagel (1851–1912)
Relatives Albert Pagel (brother)

Walter Traugott Ulrich Pagel[1] (12 November 1898 – 25 March 1983) was a German pathologist and medical historian. [2] Pagel was born in Berlin as the son of the famous physician and historian of medicine, Julius Leopold Pagel. He married Dr. Magda Koll in 1920. They had a son, Bernard, in 1930. Pagel made his doctorate in Berlin in 1922, and became professor in Heidelberg in 1931. The family moved to Britain in 1933 for fear of prosecution as Jews. Pagel died in Mill Hill.[3] Pagel practiced as Consultant Pathologist to the Central Middlesex Hospital, Harlesden, in Greater London From 1939 to 1956, and continued at the Clare Hall Hospital, Barnet, Herts from 1956 to 1967, when he retired.[4] Following his retirement he began to devote his efforts to writing the history of medicine.

Selected publications[edit]

  • The Smiling Spleen: Paracelsianism in Storm and Stress (1984).
  • Joan Baptista van Helmont: Reformer of Science and Medicine (1982)
  • William Harvey's Biological Ideas: Selected Aspects and Historical Background (1967)
  • Philosophical Medicine in the Era of the Renaissance, (1958, 2nd. ed. 1982, French translation 1962)


He was awarded the Dexter Award (1969),[5] the George Sarton Medal (1970), Julius Pagel Medal (1971), the Robert Koch Prize (1973) and in 1976 the William H. Welch Medal along with becoming a Fellow of the British Academy.

In 1979 he was awarded the Paracelsus Ring (with Gotbert Moro).


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