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Walter de Paduwa (aka Dr Boogie), born 1 Feb 1953, is a Belgian radio DJ, musician and rock'n'roll historian best known for his associations with Canned Heat.

Rock career[edit]

Walter de Paduwa was active in the Belgian rock scene of the early 1970s, forming the band T.U.S.H. in 1976 with Dany Lademacher and Charles Deraedemaecker (Charlie Maker) of the classic Brussels group Klepto.[1] The band was originally named Toxic Cow-Dung, then Squeeze, and was to be renamed Tush after the ZZ Top song of that name, but on their album We're Just Boys (September 1977) the recording company (EMI) put full-stops between each letter creating the name that stuck as T.U.S.H.[2] The album had limited success though the December 1977 single No No No was belatedly rediscovered as an example of classic glam-punk.[3]

Radio career[edit]

Walter de Paduwa's show 'Doctor Boogie'[4] features up-beat blues, boogie, groove and zydeco music. It has aired weekly for over 20 years, since 30 October 1994[5] on Belgium's RTBF Radio 21 and its successor station Classic 21 and was cited in Mark Elliott's book Culture Shock! Belgium [6] as demonstrating the unusual creativity and open mindedness of Belgium's radio scene. During the 20th anniversary show of 31 October 2014, De Paduwa revealed that the name Dr Boogie, while partially inspired by the Flamin Groovies' song, was in fact a nickname given to him by B J Scott.[7] The show was initially intended to run for three months but never looked back.[8] After 15 years airing on Sunday early-evenings, the show was shifted three times, ending up with a Friday late-night slot, but de Paduwa claims he'd keep making the show with the same passion 'even if it were at 4am on a Tuesday'[9] De Paduwa also presents Cool Cats,[10] a late night show featuring mainly rockabilly music. De Paduwa has a penchant for playing rare vinyl recordings from his extensive personal collection. In conjunction with his shows, several 'Dr Boogie' compilation albums have been released celebrating these genres of music.[11]

Canned Heat Historian[edit]

For decades, De Paduwa has been a unique supporter of the American Woodstock-renowned Boogie band Canned Heat and to this day he starts every edition of his Doctor Boogie radio show with a Canned Heat song. Long standing Canned Heat drummer Fito de la Parra described de Paduwa as a total blues and boogie freak and noted that de Paduwa had turned his home in Belgium into a museum for Canned Heat. I never knew a guy like that would exist. I've met fans who collect passes or records or pictures -- maybe they covered one wall in their house with Canned Heat material. With this guy, it's been a complete obsession..[12] The band thereupon appointed him as their unofficial historian, de la Parra giving de Paduwa many of the old tapes that he had lying around his Los Angeles garage that had been destined to be thrown away.[13] De Paduwa and de la Parra thereupon issued CD archives known as Canned Heat The Boogie House Tapes[14] in three volumes (named after de Paduwa's house museum) and Rarities from the Bob Hite Vaults, in honour of the band's original singer Bob 'The Bear' Hite.

On the Dr Boogie radio show of 29 November 2013, De Paduwa revealed that his all time favourite Canned Heat track was the song Canned Heat Mamma from the band's 1969 fourth album, Hallelujah.[15]

Personal life[edit]

De Paduwa's daughter, Sara, is herself a journalist within RTBF, Belgium's French-speaking state Radio and TV.,[16] often presenting the early morning slot on Vivacité.[17]

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