Wanakawri (Cusco)

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For the archaeological site in the Huánuco Region, Peru, see Wanakawri, Huánuco.
A view of Cusco and the mountains southeast of it
Elevation 4,089 m (13,415 ft)[1]
Wanakawri is located in Peru
Location Peru, Cusco Region, Cusco Province
Range Andes
Coordinates 13°35′40″S 71°54′20″W / 13.59444°S 71.90556°W / -13.59444; -71.90556Coordinates: 13°35′40″S 71°54′20″W / 13.59444°S 71.90556°W / -13.59444; -71.90556

Wanakawri (Quechua, hispanicized and mixed spellings Guanacaure, Guanacauri, Huanacaure, Huanacauri, Wanacaure, Wanacauri, Wanakaure, Wanakauri) is an archaeological site[2] and a legendary mountain in Peru. It is situated in the Cusco Region, Cusco Province, in the districts San Jerónimo and San Sebastián, and in the Paruro Province, Yaurisque District.[3][4] The mountain with the archaeological remains is 4,089 metres (13,415 ft) high[5] and one of the highest elevations near Cusco.[4]

Wanakawri was one of the most important wak'as of the Inca culture.[2]


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