Wang Bo

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For other people named Wang Bo, see Wang Bo (disambiguation).
Wang Bo
Wang Bo.jpg
Chinese name
Chinese 王勃
Japanese name
Kanji 王勃
Hiragana おう ぼつ

Wang Bo (Chinese: 王勃; ca. 649–676), courtesy name Zi'an (子安), was a Chinese poet in the Tang Dynasty.

Wang Bo is one of the Four Literary Eminences in Early Tang. He opposed the spread of the Gong Ti Style(宫体诗风) of the Sui Dynasty, and advocated a style rich in emotions. His fame was boosted by the publish of Teng Wang Ge Xu (滕王阁序) which is still studied by Chinese middle school students nowadays.

His forward way of thinking is reflected in the quote "friendships across the world make near neighbours of far horizons", which later became a well-known Chinese saying for the power of friendship.

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