Wang Yuanqi

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Wang Yuanqi
Born 1642
Taicang, Jiangsu
Died 1715 (1716) (aged 73)
Known for Shan shui
Movement Six Masters of the early Qing period, Four Wangs

Wang Yuanqi (Chinese: 王原祁; pinyin: Wáng Yuánqí; 1642-1715) was a Chinese painter of the Qing dynasty.[1]

Wang was born in Taicang in the Jiangsu province[2] and tutored in painting by his grandfather Wang Shimin (1592–1680). His style name was 'Mao-ching ' and his sobriquet was ' Lu-t'ai'. Wang is a member of the Four Wangs and Six Masters of the early Qing period. His style and technique demonstrates influences from Huang Gongwang, especially in the use of ocher pigments.


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