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Not to be confused with Wanggamala language.
Region Queensland
Extinct (date missing)
Punthamara (Bundhamara)[1]
Ngandangara (Yarumarra, Eromarra)[2]
Language codes
ISO 639-3 Variously:
xpt – Punthamara
xwk – Wangkumara
eaa – Karenggapa
ntg – Ngantangarra
AIATSIS[3] L25, L15

Wangkumara or Wanggumara is an Australian Aboriginal language of the widespread Pama–Nyungan family. It is sometimes classified as a dialect of the Ngura language. In 1981 it was still spoken by 4 members of the Wangkumara people around Cooper Creek, the Thomson River and the Warry Warry Creek, the town of Eromanga and the Nuccundra [4] in Queensland, Australia; today it might be already extinct.

Dixon (2002) considers Punthamara to be a dialect, Bowern (2001) as very close. Bowern also says that Ngandangara appears to have been "very close", though data is too poor for a proper classification.[2] Karenggapa is either a dialect or an alternative name.[5]

Wangkumara is notable for being a language with a tripartite verbal alignment.[citation needed]


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