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Wankhed is located in Maharashtra
Location in Maharashtra, India
Coordinates: 20°59′24″N 76°44′13″E / 20.990°N 76.737°E / 20.990; 76.737Coordinates: 20°59′24″N 76°44′13″E / 20.990°N 76.737°E / 20.990; 76.737
Country  India
State Maharashtra
District Buldana
 • Total 10,000
 • Official Marathi
Time zone IST (UTC+5:30)
PIN 444201
Telephone code 07265
Vehicle registration MH-28
Nearest city Shegaon/akola
Lok Sabha constituency Buldhana
Vidhan Sabha constituency Jalgaon Jamod

Wankhed is a small village, situated on the bank of Vaan River in Maharashtra, India.[1]

Wankhed is situated at the bank of river "wan" (WAN NADI) in the buldana district of maharashtra state (vidarbha region). The river divides the region in two different places one called wankhed and other called "Durgadaitya" so that wankhed is sometimes referred to as (wankhed-durgadaitya) also the nearest place is the village "Paturda" so wankhed is also known as (wankhed-paturda).

It is known for famous Jagdamba Devi temple. The population of the village is approximately 7,000. The principal occupation of the village is farming; main crops include cotton, pulses, soyabean. There are enough primary facilities like Hospital, pharmacy and school. Being an old place wankhed people are also of traditional type; mostly the houses are old fashioned (some modernisation is also taking place by new generation). People from Wankhed are on top position in India, Austria, UK, USA and some other countries.

Wankhed has been known for its unity in diversity. Dalits of wankhed are now taking education. In spite of being Dalits they emerge as dominant class in the society .They take education in Aurangabd city and play a role of ruling class with the worship of Ambedkar thoughts and philosophy.


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