Wanna Snuggle?

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Wanna Snuggle?
Studio album by Apathy
Released October 6, 2009
Recorded 2008-2009
Genre Hip hop
Label Demigodz Records
Producer Mike Shinoda, Teddy Roxpin, Apathy, Smoke The World, Joey Doughnuts
Apathy chronology
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Wanna Snuggle
Honkey Kong

Wanna Snuggle? is the second album of Connecticut rapper Apathy. It was released on Demigodz Records. The album features guest appearances from Phonte of Little Brother, B-Real of Cypress Hill, Celph Titled, and other members of the Demigodz.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Hell's Angel"
  2. "Money Orientated" (featuring Emilio Lopez)
  3. "Gov't Cheese"
  4. "On and Off The Mic" (featuring Blacastan)
  5. "Back In L.A." (featuring Ryu of Styles of Beyond and Veze Skante)
  6. "Shoot First" (featuring B-Real and Celph Titled)
  7. "I'm A Demigod"
  8. "True Love" (featuring Phonte of Little Brother)
  9. "Mind Ya Business" (featuring Chip-Fu)
  10. "Thinkin"
  11. "This Is The Formula" (featuring J-Live)
  12. "Guys & Girls" (featuring Blue Raspberry)
  13. "Anyday" (featuring King Magnetic)
  14. "Candy" (featuring Dose)
  15. "Run, Run Away"
  16. "No Sad Tomorrow" (featuring Holly Brook and Mike Mass)
  17. "Rhode Island" (featuring Emilio Lopez)
  18. "What Goes Up"
  19. "Hard Times On Planet Earth"
  20. "Slave" (featuring Motive)
  21. "Victim" (featuring Holly Brook)"


Additional personnel[edit]

  • Vertygo- Keyboard
  • Ed Briones- Bass
  • Dj Mekalek- Scratches
  • Chum The Skrilla Guerilla- Scratches


  • Mike Shinoda- Shoot First
  • Smoke The World
  • Joey Doughnuts
  • Teddy Roxpin
  • Apathy

Other credits[edit]

  • Executive Producer: Apathy
  • Mastering: Apathy
  • Mixing: Apathy
  • Photography: Ace Of L.A.
  • Artwork: Open Mic, Chris Murray, Rod Duchaineau