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Owner Wikimedia Foundation

The Waray-Waray Wikipedia is the Waray-Waray language version of Wikipedia, is hosted on servers run by the Wikimedia Foundation since 25 September 2005.[1] As of 2011, it had over 1,074,000 articles.[2]

Waray-Waray is spoken by approximately 2.6 million[citation needed] people in the Eastern Visayas region of the Philippines.

Features of edition[edit]

As of April 2014, the Waray-Waray Wikipedia had an unusually high article count, approaching 1 million, but a very low article depth of less than 3.[3] Article depth is an attempt to measure the collaborative quality of articles, based on the number of edits per article.

For several years[which?] the Waray-Waray Wikipedia has included more than twice as many articles as the Tagalog Wikipedia, which is based on the principal language of the Philippines,[why?] due to the largely number of stub-length articles being created on the website. On 26 August 2010 the Waray-Waray Wikipedia passed the 100,000-article milestone, making it the 35th largest language edition.[4]

According to automatically updated Wikimedia data, as of 13 July 2014 the Waray-Waray Wikipedia has 2,311,838 pages,[inconsistent] 86 active users, and 5,259,774 total edits. The article depth[clarification needed] of Waray-Waray Wikipedia is 3.03, compared to 35.35 for the Tagalog Wikipedia.

On day 8 June 2014 Waray-Waray Wikipedia has reached 1,000,000 articles.[5][full citation needed][inconsistent]

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