War Nurse

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War Nurse
Directed by Edgar Selwyn
Written by Joseph Farnham
Becky Gardiner
Starring Robert Montgomery
Anita Page
June Walker
Robert Ames
Cinematography Charles Rosher
Edited by William LeVanway
Distributed by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
Release dates November 22, 1930
Running time 79 minutes
Country United States
Language English

War Nurse is a 1930 war film directed by Edgar Selwyn, and starring Robert Montgomery, Anita Page, June Walker and Robert Ames.


Set during World War I, the film focuses on a group of young American women leaving for France to become nurses, despite having little or no experience. Under the guidance of matron Townsend (Hopper), an abandoned house is turned into a hospital. Quickly, young pampered 18-year-old Joy socialite Meadows arrives (Page) to assist the other nurses. Initially, she is teased for having no experience, and being of a privileged background. She is welcomed by head nurse Babs Whitney (Walker), who becomes the main interest of Lt. Wally O'Brien (Montgomery), whose friend has just recently died in the war. Joy has difficulty adjusting to the violent conditions and starts to miss her easy and innocent life on the Lower East Side in Manhattan after meeting a wounded New York soldier, Robbie Neil (Ames). She considers giving up and returning to America, but Mrs. Townsend assures her that life will get easier after she gets used to it. Matters are not improved when a French soldier forces himself up to her. Wally attempts to court Babs, but she is not vulnerable to his advances. They get acquainted, however, after Babs falls of her bicycle and Wally takes care of her minor injuries.

Months pass by, and Joy, now a heroic nurse, falls in love with Robbie. She dreams of getting married and having babies, and is certain that Robbie will soon ask her. Babs is more open to letting men in her life as well, and agrees to go out with Wally. The four go to a party, along with Brooklyn-born nurse Rosalie Parker (Prevost) and Wally's friend Frank Stevens (Nugent). On their way in Wally's Rolls Royce, Wally and Babs are almost bombed and kiss each other in the heat of the adventure. They quickly leave the party, as it is swamped by drunk men, and return home. Wally attempts to have sex with her, but Babs rejects him and they get into a major fight over their intentions. The next morning, Wally announces to Babs that he will fly to Germany, and they part without romance. Babs, realizing that she loves Wally, is left devastated, unlike Joy, who is enlightened to finally be engaged to Robbie.

Shortly after, Joy finds out that Robbie is already married. Devastated and humiliated, she arranges for herself to be transferred to another hospital. During her absence, shy nurse Kansas (Eddy) is killed on the battlefield while traveling. In this period, Joy is too busy partying with married men, and living an immoral life in Paris. For this reason, Townsend decides to send her back to America. Desperate, Joy turns to Babs for help, and she is successfully reinstalled at her first hospital. There, she is shocked to find Robbie, who admits to her that he has always loved her, causing Joy to lose her mind. Simultaneously, the hospital is bombed, causing many to die. Joy is severely injured, and passes away after giving birth. Babs decides to raise the baby with Wally, the latter of whom has returned to admit his love for Babs.


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