War in Abkhazia (1998)

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For the war in 1992-1993, see War in Abkhazia (1992–1993).
War in Abkhazia (1998)
Part of the Georgian–Abkhazian conflict
Date May 20, 1998 - May 26, 1998
Location Abkhazia, Western Georgia
Result Abkhazian victory
 Abkhazia Georgia (country) White Legion
Georgia (country) Forest Brotherhood
Commanders and leaders
Sergei Bagapsh Zurab Samushia
Dato Shengelia
Gujar Kurashvili
1,500 troops[1] 300 guerrillas
Casualties and losses
8 killed, 17 wounded (confirmed by Abkhazia),[2]
at least 300 killed and
dozens wounded
(per Georgian sources)[3]
17 killed[3]
24 wounded
56 captured
6 missing
(per Georgian sources),
about 160 killed
(Abkhazian sources)[2]
35 Georgian civilians killed,
30,000 - 40,000 displaced

The War in Abkhazia in 1998 took place in the Gali district of Abkhazia, after ethnic Georgians launched an insurgency against the Abkhazian secessionist government. The conflict is sometimes referred to as the Six-Day War of Abkhazia however this name only takes into account the Abkhazian May 20, 1998 - May 26, 1998 offensive while hostilities and insurgent attacks had already occurred before that date.[4][3]


The conflict started on May 18, when Georgian partisans killed 20 Abkhaz policeman. Abkhaz regular forces retaliated and fought against the partisans.

Despite calls by the opposition to send troops to help the rebels, President Eduard Shevardnadze refused to send troops to Abkhazia. The rebellion was crushed by May 26, and Abkhaz forces set fire to Georgia homes.