War of Ages (Serenity album)

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War of Ages
Studio album by Serenity
Released 22 March 2013
Genre Symphonic power metal
Label Napalm
Producer Oliver Philipps, Jan Vacik, Thomas Buchberger and Georg Neuhauser
Serenity chronology
Death & Legacy
War of Ages

War of Ages is the fourth full-length studio album by Austrian symphonic metal band Serenity. The album was released on March 22, 2013 in Europe and sometime in March or April in North America and Asia, via Napalm Records.


[1]'War of Ages' is the first Serenity album with an additional singer. Clémentine Delauney, who joined the band officially on January 21, 2013.[2] makes here Serenity debut with soaring vocals, adding a very melodic counterpart to long time Serenity front man Georg Neuhauser. The band says: "While staying true to all Serenity trademarks such as symphonic orchestras, heavy rhythms, amazing melodic vocals and bombastic choirs, we also brought in some new elements in form of various new sounds in the Serenity universe and a constant implementation of female vocals supporting outstanding singer Georg Neuhauser."[3]

The artwork cover for War of Ages was created by Seth Siro Anton, who previously worked with Serenity on their debut album Words Untold & Dreams Unlived. The release was mixed and mastered by Jan Vacik at Dreamsound Studios in München, Germany, with orchestrations and music arrangements done by Oliver Philipps. Both are veterans of previous Serenity albums.


The album came out to outstanding review both in Europe and North America. From Metal Underground, the review states "Many bands attempt to play symphonic metal, but Austria’s Serenity has mastered the art to such a degree that the mere mention of a new release spellbinds fans of the subgenre," and "Serenity takes the symphonic metal world by storm with its 'War of Ages.'"

Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Angry Metal Guy 4.0/5 stars[4]
About.com 3.5/5 stars
Sputnik Music 3.4/5 stars
Metalstorm.net 7.8/10 stars
The Metal Crypt 4.38/5 stars[5]

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Length
1. "Wings of Madness"   6:01
2. "The Art of War"   5:15
3. "Shining Oasis"   5:15
4. "For Freedom's Sake"   4:42
5. "Age of Glory"   6:50
6. "The Matricide"   5:03
7. "Symphony For The Quiet"   5:06
8. "Tannenberg"   5:59
9. "Legacy of Tudors"   5:09
10. "Royal Pain"   4:51
11. "Fairytales" (ballad version - LTD bonustrack)  
12. "Love of My Life" (LTD bonustrack)  


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