Warburton River

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Warburton River
Origin Goyder Lagoon
Mouth Lake Eyre
Basin countries Australia
Length 412 kilometres (256 mi)
Source elevation 24 metres (79 ft)[1]
Mouth elevation −15 metres (−49 ft)
Basin area km²
Map of the Lake Eyre Basin showing Warburton River

Warburton River (or Warburton Creek) is a freshwater stream in the far north of South Australia that flows in a south westerly direction and discharges into the eastern side of Lake Eyre. It is one of the state's largest rivers, and is part of the Diamantina catchment. It runs along the eastern side of the Simpson Desert, and drains water from Eyre Creek, Diamantina and Georgina from Goyder Lagoon, carrying it into Lake Eyre during its infrequent floods.

The river passes through a number of permanent and semi-permanent waterholes including Poothapootha waterhole, Emu Bone waterhole, Wurdoopoothanie waterhole and Kalawarranna soakage.

There are seven tributaries of the river; Warburton Creek, Macumba River, Yelpawaralinna Creek and Derwent Creek.


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Coordinates: 26°41′00″S 139°13′59″E / 26.68333°S 139.23306°E / -26.68333; 139.23306