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Warden may refer to:

Occupations, ranks and roles[edit]

  • Warden (college), head of some University colleges and academic institutions
  • Warden of the Mint, historical highest-ranking officer of the Royal Mint of the United Kingdom
  • Warden, rank of seniority within City of London Livery Companies, e.g. Prime Warden etc
  • Churchwarden, a lay officer in an Anglican or Episcopal church
  • Fire warden, a person designated to aid firefighters at a community level
  • Game warden, an officer empowered to enforce the hunting and trapping laws of a jurisdiction
  • Prison warden, a corrections officer
  • ARP warden, who helped protect British citizens with Air Raid Precautions during World War II
  • Warden of the Royal Forest, chief official and supervisor of the Royal Forest
  • Street warden, an officer aiding police at a community level
  • Traffic warden, a non-warranted officer who assists in regulating the flow of traffic
  • Warden (Masonic), a ruling member in a Masonic Lodge
  • Wardens, the head of county governments in Ontario and Nova Scotia with similar roles to Mayor in cities or Chair in regional level governments
  • At some educational institutions, a Resident assistant may be referred to as a Warden




  • Henry Douglas Warden, British resident of South Africa, founder of Bloemfontein
  • Jack Warden (1920–2006), American character actor
  • John A. Warden III (born 1943), colonel in the United States Air Force
  • Joshua Leivars aka Chief Warden, A true believer in preventing any social activity within his friendship group.


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