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The Wardlaw Baronetcy, of Pitreavie in the County of Fife, is a title in the Baronetage of Nova Scotia. It was created on 5 March 1631 for Henry Wardlaw, Chamberlain to Anne of Denmark, consort of James VI, with remainder to heirs male whatsoever. He had acquired Pitreavie in 1606 and this was erected into a barony in 1627. As of 13 October 2008 the presumed twenty-first and the twenty-second Baronets have not successfully proven succession and are therefore not on the Official Roll of the Baronetage, with the baronetcy considered dormant since 1983.[1] The poet Elizabeth, Lady Wardlaw was the wife of the fourth Baronet.

Wardlaw baronets, of Pitreavie (1631)[edit]

  • Sir Henry Wardlaw, 1st Baronet (1565–1637)
  • Sir Henry Wardlaw, 2nd Baronet (died 1653)
  • Sir Henry Wardlaw, 3rd Baronet (1618–c. 1680)
  • Sir Henry Wardlaw, 4th Baronet (died 1683)
  • Sir Henry Wardlaw, 5th Baronet (died 1709)
  • Sir Henry Wardlaw, 6th Baronet (died 17..)
  • Sir Henry Wardlaw, 7th Baronet (1705–c. 1720)
  • Sir George Wardlaw, 8th Baronet (1675–c. 1730)
  • Sir Henry Wardlaw, 9th Baronet (died 1739)
  • Sir David Wardlaw, 10th Baronet (1678–c. 1750)
  • Sir Henry Wardlaw, 11th Baronet (died 1782)
  • Sir David Wardlaw, 12th Baronet (died 1793)
  • Sir John Wardlaw, 13th Baronet (died 1823)
  • Sir William Wardlaw, 14th Baronet (1794–c. 1830)
  • Sir Alexander Wardlaw, 15th Baronet (c. 1790–1833)
  • Sir William Wardlaw, 16th Baronet (c. 1791–1863)
  • Sir Archibald Wardlaw, 17th Baronet (1793–1874)
  • Sir Henry Wardlaw, 18th Baronet (1822–1897)
  • Sir Henry Wardlaw, 19th Baronet (1867–1954)
  • Sir Henry Wardlaw, 20th Baronet (1894–1983)
  • Henry John Wardlaw, presumed 21st Baronet (1930–2005)
  • Henry Justin Wardlaw, presumed 22nd Baronet (born 1963)
  • Henry (Harry) Wardlaw, presumed 23rd Baronet (born 1999)


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