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WSS, previously known as Warehouse Shoe Sale Inc
Industry Retail
Founded Incorporated in 1984
Headquarters Los Angeles, California- USA
Products Shoes and Clothing
Website http://www.shopwss.com

Warehouse Shoe Sale, now known as WSS, is a retail chain of shoe stores headquartered in Los Angeles, California, with 62 retail outlets as of August 2014.[1] Its parent company is known as Eurostar, Inc. (not related to the railway company).[2]

WSS is a family footwear retailer which primarily serves the urban and Latino communities. It was founded in 1984 by Eric Alon, who is still president of the corporation.[2] They also own and operate the online retailer ShopWSS.com.

In 1992 they sponsored a line of shoes designed and marketed by former Los Angeles gang members and intended as a jobs program and financial opportunity for former gang members.[3]


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