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Wargames Illustrated is a magazine dedicated to miniature wargaming which is focused on historical tabletop wargames. The magazine has both paper and digital editions and maintains editorial staff in the UK (Nottinghamshire), the US and New Zealand. Established in 1987, Wargames Illustrated has since 2009 been owned by the New Zealand based Battlefront Miniatures ltd. internationally known for producing the miniature wargames Flames of War, since 2009 also including the gaming aid producer Gale Force Nine.[1]

The magazine focuses on all parts of the gaming experience, reviewing new products, providing painting advice and producing campaign settings and researching historical battles. It is in a large part based on submission of content. An example of the latter is the article by Ryan Lavelle PhD, "Rethinking 'Saxon' Wargaming" in the April 2011 edition.[2] The editor in chief is John Paul Brisigotti, Dave Taylor is the US editor and Dan Falconbridge has been the UK editor since 2009. Before he sold the magazine in 2009, Duncan Macfarlane was the editor in chief.[3]


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