Warkworth Radio Observatory

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The Warkworth Radio Astronomical Observatory is located just south of Warkworth off SH1 about 50 km north of Auckland and is operated by the Institute of Radio Astronomy and Space Research, AUT University.

The Warkworth Radio Astronomical Observatory
The Warkworth Radio Astronomical Observatory
Organization Institute for Radio Astronomy and Space Research, AUT University
Location New Zealand Warkworth, New Zealand
12m Radio Telescope 30m Radio Telescope

Radio Telescopes[edit]

WARK12M 12m Radio Telescope

WARK30M 30m Radio Telescope


A Hydrogen maser is installed on-site for very accurate time required by VLBI observations.

The observatory has a 1Gbit/s connection to the Kiwi Advanced Research and Education Network, providing high speed data transfers for files and e-VLBI.[1]


2008 The 12m dish was built on the site

2010 A license to operate the New Zealand Telecom 30m dish was granted

2011 First observations with the Australian Long Baseline Array [2]


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