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Warning symbols are mainly graphic images which identify a dangerous object or place. Warning symbols are used in many places in lieu of or addition to written warnings as they are quickly recognized (faster than reading a written warning) and more universally understood (the same symbol can be recognized as having the same meaning to speakers of different languages).

List of warning symbols[edit]

  • General warning symbol - 🛆
  • Twisty road symbol -
  • Accident symbol -
  • Disabled car symbol -
  • Icy road symbol -
  • Fragile symbol (fragile contents).
  • Mr. Yuk (poison, designed for children).
  • Ionizing radiation (radiation) -
  • Skull and crossbones - (general danger, poison).
  • Biological hazard symbol - (biological waste, live bacteria/viruses, etc.).
  • Explosive material symbol (explosives).
  • Corrosive material symbol (corrosive substances e.g. acids, bases, phenols, etc.).
  • Chemical hazard label (general safety symbol for lab chemicals).
  • High Voltage symbol - (high voltage).
  • Laser safety symbol (laser radiation).
  • Keep away from heat (temperature sensitive contents).

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