Warped Tour 2007 Tour Compilation

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Warped Tour 2007 Tour Compilation
Compilation album by SideOneDummy Records
Genre Punk rock, alternative
Length 2:33:50
Label SideOneDummy
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Warped Tour 2007 Tour Compilation
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The Warped Tour 2007 Tour Compilation is the twelfth installment in the annual compilation series accompanying the Warped Tour. The compilation's cover is a photograph of Aiden singer WiL Francis playing on the 2006 Warped Tour.

Track listing[edit]

Disc 1
No. Title Writer(s) Artist Length
1. "Fire Down Below" (previously unreleased) Alkaline Trio Alkaline Trio 3:42
2. "Requiem for Dissent" (from New Maps of Hell) Greg Graffin Bad Religion 2:06
3. "The Arms of Sorrow" (from As Daylight Dies) Killswitch Engage Killswitch Engage 3:43
4. "Confined" (from Shadows Are Security) As I Lay Dying As I Lay Dying 3:09
5. "Lyrical Lies" (listed as "Lyrical Lies (Electric)" - electric version, from The Same Old Blood Rush with a New Touch) Cute Is What We Aim For Cute Is What We Aim For 3:15
6. "Steady Riot" (from Strictly Rude)   Big D and the Kids Table 2:37
7. "Afterworld" (listed as "After World" - from Music from Regions Beyond) Tiger Army Tiger Army 3:16
8. "Our Friend Lazarus Sleeps" (from Lovers' Requiem) I Am Ghost I Am Ghost 2:55
9. "Songs Sound Much Sadder" (from Redeemer) Norma Jean, Timothy McTague Norma Jean 3:04
10. "Little Maggots" (from Decomposer) Shawn Harris, Miles Hurwitz The Matches 2:42
11. "Take Me" (from Virulence) Only Crime Only Crime 2:35
12. "Amity" (from White Lies) LoveHateHero LoveHateHero 3:10
13. "Summer (In B)" (from Truth in Sincerity) Amber Pacific, William Nutter Amber Pacific 3:33
14. "I'm Not Dead" (from Sustain) Buck-O-Nine Buck-O-Nine 1:56
15. "Fading American Dream" (from Fading American Dream) Tobe Bean III, Marcus Hollar, Mike McColgan, Johnny Rioux, Joe Sirois Street Dogs 2:54
16. "Song of Babylon" (from Back to Higher Ground) Jason LaRocca The Briggs 2:25
17. "Reverse This Curse" (from Dying Is Your Latest Fashion) Escape the Fate Escape the Fate 3:40
18. "Rolling with the Punches" (from Orchestra of Wolves) Gallows Gallows 3:32
19. "House of Cards" (from From Them, Through Us, to You) Madina Lake Madina Lake 3:38
20. "Akeldema" (from Pressure the Hinges) Haste the Day Haste the Day 2:47
21. "Could Tell a Love" (from His Last Walk) Blessthefall Blessthefall 2:50
22. "Symphony of Voices" (listed as "Sympathy of Voices") Guff Guff 3:00
23. "This Song Is Definitely Not About a Girl" (from Mutiny!) Set Your Goals Set Your Goals 2:54
24. "The Shake (Awful Feeling)" (from Hiding Inside the Horrible Weather) Jesse Barrera, Dustin Hook, Steven Oira, Larry Soliman, Matthew VanGasbeck My American Heart 3:27
25. "Black Cat" (from A Lesson in Romantics) Mayday Parade Mayday Parade 3:22
Disc 2
No. Title Writer(s) Artist Length
1. "The Ripper" (from Lies for the Liars) The Used The Used 2:56
2. "Letter Thing" (from Versions) Poison the Well Poison the Well 2:28
3. "To Trixie and Reptile, Thanks for Everything" (from All's Well That Ends Well) Craigery Owens, Bradley Bell, Derrick Frost, Jason Hale, Matthew Goddard, Patrick McManaman Chiodos 3:18
4. "Duality" (from The Walking Wounded) Bayside Bayside 3:00
5. "This Circle" (from The Summer Tic EP) Hayley Williams, Josh Farro Paramore 4:04
6. "60 Revolutions" (from Gypsy Punks: Underdog World Strike) Eugene Hütz, Eliot Ferguson, Oren Kaplan, Yuri Lemeshev, Sergey Ryabtsev, Rea Mochiach Gogol Bordello 2:58
7. "We Sleep Forever" (from Rain in Hell) Aiden Aiden 3:18
8. "The Things He Carried" (from Curses) Vanna Vanna 3:42
9. "Mea Culpa" (from Nocturne) Nathan Ells, The Human Abstract The Human Abstract 3:30
10. "Killing Through Song"   Ryan's Hope Ryan's Hope 2:08
11. "Monster" (from Something Real) Meg Frampton, Dia Frampton Meg & Dia 2:40
12. "Until We Burn in the Sun (The Kids Just Want a Love Song)" (listed as "Until We Burn in the Sun (The Kids Just Want Love Songs)" - from Street Gospels) Jay Malinowski Bedouin Soundclash 3:55
13. "The Patty Hearst Syndrome" (from This Sinking Ship) Smoke or Fire Smoke or Fire 3:00
14. "In It for Life" (live, from Made in NYC) The Casualties The Casualties 2:01
15. "You're Gonna Pay" (from One More Bullet) Robert Hingley The Toasters 2:57
16. "Insurance?" (from On Fire) Jason Centeno, The Higher The Higher 3:07
17. "Oh, the Congestion" (from Accidental Gentlemen) Piebald Piebald 2:30
18. "Under the Sunrise" (from Under the Sunrise) Blinded Black Blinded Black 3:11
19. "The End of All We Know"   Greeley Estates Greeley Estates 3:21
20. "Calling" (from Blackhawks Over Los Angeles) Strung Out Strung Out 2:52
21. "Smoke 'Em If Ya Got 'Em" (from Killing with a Smile) Parkway Drive Parkway Drive 3:41
22. "At Point Break" (listed as "At Point Blank" - from Internal Salvation) The Unseen The Unseen 1:58
23. "M-80"   Olympia Olympia 3:22
24. "A Pound of Silver Is Worth Its Weight in Blood" (from The Promise in Compromise) Tokyo Rose Tokyo Rose 3:13
25. "State of Mind" (from Keep It Going) Mad Caddies Mad Caddies 3:49