Warped Tour 2013 Tour Compilation

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Warped Tour 2013 Tour Compilation
Compilation album by SideOneDummy Records
Genre Variety
Label SideOneDummy
Official Warped Tour compilation chronology
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Warped Tour 2013 Tour Compilation
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The Warped Tour 2013 Tour Compilation is the eighteenth installment in the annual compilation series accompanying the Warped Tour.[1] The compilation's cover features a photograph of Bring Me The Horizon's vocalist, Oliver Sykes.

Track listing[edit]

Disc 1
No. Title Writer(s) Artist Length
1. "All Mine" (from Indigo) Christofer Drew Ingle, Taylor MacFee, Hayden Kaiser Never Shout Never 3:15
2. "Boomerang" (from Legendary) Kevin Bard, Brian Dales, John Gomez, Michael McGarity, Kimberly Viera The Summer Set 3:31
3. "I Won't Lie" (from Close the Distance) Jason Lancaster, Alex Reed, Matt Poulos, Steven Kopacz Go Radio 3:38
4. "Good or Bad" (from Resolution)   Action Item 4:03
5. "Nothing to Lose" (from The Morning After)   Goldhouse 4:05
6. "Sun Goes Down"   John Feldmann, Jonny Fox Itch 2:49
7. "Flow Like Poe" (from Edgar Allan Poe EP) MC Lars MC Lars 4:03
8. "Do It Now, Remember It Later" (from Let's Cheers to This) Kellin Quinn, Jesse Lawson, Jack Fowler, Justin Hills, Gabe Barham Sleeping With Sirens 3:23
9. "Kill The Lights" (from Cinematics (Reissue)) Cody Carson, Dan Clermont, Zach Dewall, Austin Kerr, Maxx Danziger Set It Off 2:45
10. "Vices" (from Challenger) Cory Elder, Jake Garland, Kellen McGregor, Matthew Mullins, Anthony Sepe Memphis May Fire 4:08
11. "Children of Love" (from The Fallout) Brendan Barone, David Escamilla, Brandon Hoover, Andy Leo, Brent Taddie, Hayden Tree, Bennett Vogelman Crown The Empire 3:04
12. "I Came, I Saw, I Conquered" (from Genesi[s]) Doriano Magliano, Hance Alligood, Andrew Paiano, Kevin Hanson, Brian Medley, Austin Thornton Woe, Is Me 2:10
13. "Chin Up, Kid" (from J.A.C.K.)   Forever the Sickest Kids 3:32
14. "She's a Blast"     The Beautiful Bodies 2:43
15. "No Consequences" (from Another Atmosphere) Blake Harnage, Sierra Kusterbeck, Matthew Lang, William Lefler, Simon Wilcox VersaEmerge 3:08
16. "Blue Milk" (from Red Headed LOCC) Big Chocolate Big Chocolate 2:25
17. "Orion"   Shy Kidx Shy Kidx 3:35
18. "All Fall Down" (from The Rising)   Five Knives 2:35
19. "Broken"     Young London 3:42
20. "We're Coming Up"     For the Foxes 3:38
21. "Damage I've Done" (from Burnout) Slade Echeverria, Greg Garrity, Mike Kitlas Anarbor 3:37
22. "Ghosts" (from Peaks + Valleys) Andy Lane, Juan Lopez, Jeremi Mattern, Nathan Parris Driver Friendly 1:58
23. "Hand Out" (from Welcome to Barter Town)   Beebs and Her Money Makers 2:30
24. "Myth Head" (from Exclaim Yourself!)   Mighty Mongo 2:22
25. "The Reckoning"     The Bunny Gang 3:33
Disc 2
No. Title Writer(s) Artist Length
1. "Go to Hell for Heaven's Sake" (from Sempiternal) Jordan Fish, Lee Malia, Oliver Sykes Bring Me the Horizon 4:02
2. "The Summer"     Citizen 2:57
3. "Put Me Out" (from Vulnerable) John Feldmann, Quinn Allman, Jeph Howard, Bert McCracken, Dan Whitesides The Used 4:02
4. "Cul-De-Sac" (from The Greatest Generation) Matthew Brasch, Daniel Jason Campbell, Kenneth Alrich Cavaliere, Michael Kennedy, Joshua James Martin, Nick Steinborn The Wonder Years 3:38
5. "Late Nights in My Cars"   Kyle Fasel Real Friends 3:19
6. "Empty Space" (from What You Don't See) Parker Cannon, Kevin Geyer, Will Levy, Kelen Capener, Ryan Torf The Story So Far 2:29
7. "Let Me In"     The Swellers 3:00
8. "Banshee (Ghost Fame)"     letlive. 2:54
9. "Empty Glass" (from Empty Days & Sleepless Nights) Derek Archambault, Jay Maas, Mike Poulin, Jake Woodruff, Joe Longobardi Defeater 3:31
10. "Hope"     We Came as Romans 4:00
11. "In the End" (from Wretched and Divine: The Story of the Wild Ones) Andy Biersack, John Feldmann, Jeremy Ferguson, Martin Johnson, Jacob Pitts, Ashley Purdy Black Veil Brides 3:48
12. "Into the Everback" (from Everblack)   The Black Dahlia Murder 4:32
13. "On Brave Mountains We Conquer" (from This Is How the Wind Shifts) Josh Bradford, Billy Hamilton, Paul Koehler, Paul-Marc Rousseau, Shane Told Silverstein 2:36
14. "Tell Me Why" (from In Currents) Ace Enders The Early November 3:25
15. "Blood Orange" (from Safe for Now) Charles Vincent, Matt Vincent, Chris Purtill, Jeff Wright The American Scene 2:57
16. "Heart Attack" (from Heart Attack)   Man Overboard 3:16
17. "Everything's Eventual"     Mixtapes 2:01
18. "Timelines" (from Go) Justin Pierre, Joshua Cain, Jesse Johnson, Matthew Taylor Motion City Soundtrack 4:04
19. "One Way Love" (from Say What You Mean) Allison Weiss Allison Weiss 2:23
20. "If Bukowski Could See Me Now" (from Contender)   Forever Came Calling 2:05
21. "Stay With Me" (from Angst)   Handguns 2:31
22. "Social Muckery"     Big D and the Kids Table 1:53
23. "All Aboard The Friend Ship"     Middle Finger Salute 3:35
24. "Nothin' Left to Lose" (from Nothin' Left to Lose) Ronan Breslin,Stewart Page Strawberry Blondes 2:38
25. "Sleeping's a Waste of My Youth"     The Exposed 3:37