Warrell Creek, New South Wales

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Warrell Creek is a locality on the North Coast of New South Wales, Australia. The North Coast railway line passes through, and a station existed at the site between 1919 and 1974.[1] Prior to the Pacific Highway upgrade in the mid-1980s Warrell Creek was a small saw-milling village. Facilities at the village included a primary school, a railway station, a shop, and a service station. The new alignment of the Highway resulted in the demolition of the school, shop and some dwellings.

In recent years, parts the locality has seen some growth including the construction of a rural fire service outpost. Warrell Creek will undergo significant change following the completion of the proposed dual carraiage-way Pacific Highway upgrade in 2012.

Preceding station   NSW Main lines   Following station
towards Border Loop
North Coast Line
towards Maitland


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Coordinates: 30°46′S 152°53′E / 30.767°S 152.883°E / -30.767; 152.883