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Warren Lamb
Born Warren D. Lamb
Wallasey, England
Spouse(s) Barbara Lamb

Warren Lamb (28 April 1923 - 21 January 2014) was a British management consultant, teacher and lecturer. He was a pioneer in the field of nonverbal behavior, doing significant work in Laban Movement Analysis and having created Movement Pattern Analysis, a motivational assessment tool based on movement observation.[1]

Early life[edit]

At the age of 16, Lamb wanted to enroll in the armed forces. He was not allowed to join because of his age, and subsequently decided to get a job. After pressure from his father, Lamb decided to take a job with Lloyds Bank. He worked there for a year and a half until he was able to join The Royal Navy. He was a member of the British Navy. After leaving the Navy, he met Rudolf Laban in 1946 and began to study with him. He spent three years studying with Laban at the Art of Movement Studio with Laban. He then began assisting Laban in movement notation and behavioral analysis. Lamb helped Laban create the Laban Lawrence Personal Effort Assessment.


In 1958, Rudolf Laban died, and subsequently Lamb focused on the Effort/Shape concept; eventually teaching it to his students. Two students to benefit from Lamb were Irmgard Bartenieff and Judith Kestenberg.

Movement Pattern Analysis[edit]

Movement Pattern Analysis (earlier known as Action Profiling) was created by Warren Lamb, drawing from the innovations of Laban and Lawrence. It is a theoretical model and assessment technique, used mainly in senior-management consulting and for personal-development. Lamb saw the importance of "affinities" between Effort energy elements triad combinations/ Shape three geometric planes. (See Susan Lovell "Interview with Warren Lamb" American Journal of Dance Therapy, March 1993, p 28. Also "Beyond Dance" Ellen Davies.)


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