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Warren Lapine is known for his publishing efforts, particularly with his first company, DNA Publications, which published a range of magazines including Absolute Magnitude, Dreams of Decadence, Fantastic Stories, Mythic Delirium, The Official KISS Magazine, Science Fiction Chronicle, and Weird Tales, from 1993 to 2007; and a book programme focussing on public domain releases, Wilder Publications, which continued after the collapse of DNA Publications. In 2009 Lapine founded Tir Na Nog Press[1] along with a science fiction / fantasy imprint, Fantastic Books, with freelance editing by Douglas Cohen, Marty Halpern (who has since resigned[2]), Ian Randal Strock, Darrell Schweitzer, and David Truesdale. Ian Randal Strock was then hired full-time as publisher of Fantastic Books.[3] After announcing the re-launch of Fantastic Stories, Lapine decided to purchase Realms of Fantasy, instead.[4] With Realms of Fantasy relaunched under new management, plans were underway to put out Dreams of Decadence.[5] However, in September 2010, Realms of Fantasy was sold to Damnation Books;[6] in November 2010 Fantastic Books was sold to Ian Randal Strock.;[7] and all Dreams of Decadence subscriptions rolled into Realms of Fantasy.