Warring States (novel)

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Warring States
Author Mags L Halliday
Cover artist Sandy Gardner
Country United States
Language English
Series Faction Paradox
Genre Science Fiction
Publisher Mad Norwegian Press
Publication date
Media type Print (Trade Paperback)
Pages 192 pp
ISBN 978-0-9725959-8-8
OCLC 67991578
Preceded by Warlords of Utopia
Followed by Erasing Sherlock

Warring States is an original novel by Mags L Halliday set in the Faction Paradox universe.[1][2] It has been described as 'another resounding success for the Faction Paradox line' [3]

Plot introduction[edit]

Cousin Octavia of Faction Paradox has come to Peking during the Boxer Rebellion in search of an artifact she believes can bestow immortality. For Liu Hui Ying, the artifact is a symbol that will rally the Han. But in this dangerous time, more than each other stands in the way of either obtaining the jade casket.


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