Wasei Kingu Kongu

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Wasei Kingu Kongu
A frame from the missing film
Directed by Torajiro Saito
Written by Akira Fushimi
Starring Yasuko Koizumi
Takeshi Sakamoto
Kotaro Sekiguchi
Nagamasa Yamada
Isamu Yamaguchi
Cinematography Yoshio Taketomi
Distributed by Shochiku
Release dates
  • October 5, 1933 (1933-10-05)
Country Japan
Language Silent film
Japanese intertitles

Wasei Kingu Kongu (和製キング・コング?, lit. Japanese King Kong) was a 1933 Japanese black-and-white silent film directed by Torajiro Saito.[1][2][3] The film is now considered lost. It was a silent short based on the 1933 film King Kong[4][5] and produced by Shochiku Studios (who released the original 1933 film in Japan on behalf of RKO). The film has been missing along with its sequel, King Kong Appears in Edo, for several years. They were probably either destroyed in the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in World War II[citation needed]


Actor Character
Yasuko Koizumi Omitsu
Takeshi Sakamoto Yokoshima
Kotaro Sekiguchi Seizo
Nagamasa Yamada Koichi
Isamu Yamaguchi King Kong

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