Washburn RR-V Tour Series

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RR-12 Model

The Washburn RR-V Tour Series is a rare line of solid-bodied electric 'Flying V' shaped guitars produced by Washburn Guitars in Japan[citation needed] between the years of 1985 to 1987.


There were 4 models of RR-V. The RR-2, RR-11, RR-12 and RR-40 (the latter being the top-of-the-line model). All models featured a Floyd Rose Tremolo styled-bridge (called the 'Wonderbar Tremolo') and had a pick up configuration of one Humbucker at the bridge and two single coils at the neck.

  • RR-2 - Featured an Alnico split coil humbucker, 2 single coil pick ups, 3 individual pickup selectors and Grover machine heads. The body was available in one solid colour, most commonly black.
  • RR-11 - Featured upgraded Washburn branded EMG pick ups. The body was available in either solid white or red with black stripes painted diagonally across.
  • RR-12 - Similar to the RR-11 model. Featured an 'Invader' humbucker at the bridge. Optional on this model was a carbonite fretboard. The body was available in white with red stripes diagonally across.
  • RR-40 - The top model. Featured a triple coil humbucker, polished carbonite fretboard and beveled edge body.


Most notable use of a Washburn RR Tour Series guitar was by Brian May of Queen, who used a white Washburn RR11V, in the music video "Princes of the Universe."

Nigel Nig Swanson of The Exploited used a custom painted rr2v during his time in the band from 1986-1988