Washington, D.C. mayoral election, 2002

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Washington, D.C.
mayoral election, 2002
Washington, D.C.
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November 5, 2002 → 2006

  Anthony Williams, Mayor of the District of Columbia, speaking at Cherry Blossom Festival, 2006.jpg Carolschwartz.jpg
Nominee Anthony A. Williams Carol Schwartz
Party Democratic Republican
Popular vote 79,841 45,407
Percentage 60.61% 34.47%

Mayor before election

Anthony A. Williams

Elected Mayor

Anthony A. Williams

The 2002 Washington, D.C. mayoral election occurred on Tuesday November 5, 2002, with incumbent Democratic mayor Anthony A. Williams easily defeating Carol Schwartz, the Republican nominee. Both the Democratic primary and the Republican primary elections were held on September 10, 2002. Williams not only won the Democratic primary but also received the most voted in the Republican primary. Because Washington, D.C., law prevents a candidate from being nominated by more than one party, Carol Schwartz was chosen as the Republican nominee by local party leaders.


District of Colombia Mayoral election, 2002
Party Candidate Votes %
Democratic Anthony A. Williams 79,841 60.61
Republican Carol Schwartz 45,407 34.47
D.C. Statehood Green Steve Donkin 3,240 2.46
Independent Tricia Kinch 1,150 0.87
Socialist Workers Sam Manuel 702 0.53
Write-ins 1,382 1.05
Total votes 131,722 100.00
Democratic hold