Washington A16, 2000

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David Rovics sings his "Operation Iraqi Liberation" song

Washington A16, 2000 was a series of protests in Washington, D.C. against the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, that occurred in April 2000. The annual IMF and World Bank meetings were the scene for follow-on protests of the 1999 WTO protests. In April 2000, 10-15,000[1] protesters demonstrated at the IMF, and World Bank meeting.[2][3][4] (Official numbers are not tallied).


The International Forum on Globalization held non-violent civil disobedience training at Foundry United Methodist Church.[5][6][7]

Washington D.C. Police preemptively raided a Convergence Center at 1328 Florida Avenue.[8][9][10][11]

April 16, 2000[edit]

Mass arrests were conducted; 678 people were arrested,[12] mostly at 20th Street between I and K streets.[13]

A George Washington University Police Department vehicle had a window broken.[14]

Three-time Pulitzer Prize winning, Washington Post photographer Carol Guzy was detained by police and arrested on April 15, and two journalists for the Associated Press also reported being struck by police with batons.[15]


A class action lawsuit was filed for: conspiracy to disrupt First Amendment rights, the raid on the Convergence Center, mass false arrest, the exclusion zone, and excessive force.[16]

In November 2009, the suits were settled, with $13.7 million damages awarded.[17][18][19][20]

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