Wat Yan Nawa

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Wat Yan Nawa

Wat Yan Nawa (Thai: วัดยานนาวา) is an old Buddhist temple (wat) dating back to the Ayutthaya period, located in the Sathon district of Bangkok on Charoen Krung Road, Bangkok, Thailand. It has a unique junk shaped chedi and viharn built by King Rama III. The idea behind the construction was that Chinese junk was quickly disappearing and the pagoda should show present descendants what it looked like. The temple was known as Wat Khok Khwai (วัดคอกควาย) during Ayutthaya era and Wat Khok Krabue (วัดคอกกระบือ) during Thonburi and early Bangkok era before the construction of the chedi.

Activities in Wat Yan Nawa[edit]

The worship the relics. And the relics of the Apostle Buddhist saint has stated as follows.
The devotional worship.

  • If you have worship 1 times, you get merit.
  • If you have worship 2 times, it will bring you prosperity ascendancy.
  • If you have worship 3 times, it will give you more power.
  • If you have worship 5 times, it will grant your wish.
  • If you have worship 7 times, bad people won’t meet you.
  • If you have worship 9 times, good things will come to you forever.

To pour water onto the royal Maratha Saree Rick.
Pouring water onto the royal Maratha Saree Rick will bring you fortune according to the ancient beliefs.

  • Pour once. Put an end to the distress.
  • Pour twice. It will make a fortune and wealth.
  • Pour thrice. It will make you prosper in everything.
  • Pour four times. Everything that you do it will be successful.
  • Pour five times. It will help your skin and face look good.
  • Pour six times. It will allow you to perform your best on your task.
  • Pour seven times. Good things will come to you forever.
  • Pour eight times. Prevent yourself from bad people.
  • Pour nine times. Prevent you from your enemies.

Travel around Wat Yannawa[edit]

Wat Yan Nawa can be accessed easily through the Chao Phraya River and ferries that travel across the river towards the Taksin Pier (Pepsi Pier). If you want to travel by bus, it has many buses through Wat Yannawa such as 1, 75, 15, and 504. If you are not comfortable with bus rides, you can go by BTS (Bangkok Mass Transit System) and get down at Saphan Taksin Station. You will see a sign that tells you to go to Wat Yan Nawa. On the other hand, you can go to the market around wat Yannawa to see various products. If you like a new shopping experience, I suggest ASIATIQUE The Riverfront, which is located on Charoen Krung Road near Assalapheyah Mosque. In case of emergency, hospital (Lert Sin) and a police station (Wat Phraya Krai) are just near Wat Yannawa too.

Coordinates: 13°43′1″N 100°30′49″E / 13.71694°N 100.51361°E / 13.71694; 100.51361