Watchet Harbour Lighthouse

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Watchet Harbour Lighthouse is located in Somerset
Watchet Harbour Lighthouse
Location Watchet Somerset, England.
Coordinates 51°11′03″N 3°19′43″W / 51.18417°N 3.32861°W / 51.18417; -3.32861
Year first constructed 1862
Height 22 feet (6.7 m)
Range 10 miles (16 km)
Admiralty number A5584
NGA number 6196
ARLHS number ENG-174

The Watchet Harbour Lighthouse is a marine navigational aid marking the entrance to a Marina within the historic town of Watchet, in Somerset, England.

The cast iron lighthouse is approximately 22 feet (6.7 m)[1] in height and has a red hexagonal tower with white lantern, and green lens.[2]

The lighthouse is a harbour navigation mark and does not emit a flashing light associated with traditional lighthouses. Instead it displays a fixed green luminaire marking the starboard (right hand side) approach to the marina.[3][4]

The lighthouse is owned and maintained by Watchet Marina.


The pier was constructed at the same time as the current east pier in 1860 by Hennets of Bridgwater and re erected in 1905.[5] It has continued to provide navigational service throughout the port's history ever since.


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Coordinates: 51°10′59″N 3°19′44″W / 51.1830°N 3.3289°W / 51.1830; -3.3289