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Watcom SQL was a relational database for PC platforms released by Watcom in 1992. It was renamed to SQL Anywhere Studio after Watcom joined Powersoft which was subsequently acquired by Sybase.

The Watcom SQL 4.0 family of databases are based on scalable technology that combines a full-featured SQL database engine with unparalleled simplicity, economy and performance. Watcom SQL version 4.0 is designed for environments ranging from large departmental networks with a diverse range of PC client systems to peer-to-peer workgroups to standalone PCs. Watcom SQL Version 4.0 is available immediately in standalone versions for Windows and multi-user network server versions for NetWare. Standalone and multi-user versions for OS/2, Windows NT (Windows New Technology) A 32-bit operating system from Microsoft for Intel x86 CPUs. NT is the core technology in Windows 2000 and Windows XP (see Windows). Available in separate client and server versions, it includes built-in networking and preemptive multitasking. and DOS will be available within sixty days.

"To meet the needs of the 'shrink-wrapped' server marketplace, Watcom SQL was designed with a small 'footprint' for the desktop PC and LAN server environments," said Ian McPhee, president of Watcom. "Watcom SQL requires minimal database administration, takes only a few minutes to install and offers excellent performance out of the box without tuning."

"The addition of stored procedures and triggers to Watcom SQL 4.0 brings industrial-strength features to the workgroup database market," said Herb Edelstein, principal and founder of Euclid Associates, a Maryland-based database and image management consulting firm. "Workgroup users will appreciate the functionality added to Watcom SQL, a database that remains easy to set up and run."

"The Watcom SQL database fits perfectly into our plans," said Jim Braun, project manager at Kansas State University, main campus at Manhattan; coeducational; land-grant and state supported; chartered and opened 1863. There is an additional campus at Salina. Among the university's research facilities are the J. R. . "We needed a database that could distribute key systems across our organization, and Watcom SQL 4.0 gave us this, in addition to stored procedures and triggers. Watcom SQL is an impressive, economical package of performance and functionality."