Waterfront Air

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Waterfront Air
Waterfront Air Logo June 2013.jpg
Founded 20 October 2008
Destinations 4 proposed
Headquarters Shenzhen and Hong Kong
Key people Michael Agopsowicz (Founder)
Peter de Kantzow (Co-founder)[1]
Bert Kwok (Chairman)
Website www.waterfrontair.com

Waterfront Air (Chinese: 海翔航空; Jyutping: hoi2 coeng4 hong4 hung1) is an airline started in 2008 with the aim of reintroducing seaplane services from Hong Kong's Victoria Harbour. From the 1920s to the mid-1960s, scheduled seaplane services were a vital fixture in Victoria Harbour.

Waterfront Air co-founder Peter de Kantzow is the son of Sydney de Kantzow, the Australian co-founder of Cathay Pacific Airways.[1]


The flight between Hong Kong and Macau will take approximately 20 minutes and will be operated by leased de Havilland DHC-6 Twin Otters. The airline also plans to extend the services to Guangzhou and Shenzhen in the near future.[2][3]

The airline plans to use the water near the old Kai Tak Airport adjacent to the Kai Tak Cruise Terminal in Victoria Harbour for operations in Hong Kong.[1]


In February 2010, the airline reached an agreement with Shenzhen Airport Group to make Shenzhen the company's main base.[4] On 6 January 2010, Waterfront Air signed a memorandum of understanding with the Shenzhen Airport Ferry Terminal Services Company Limited to operate seaplane services from Shenzhen Airport Ferry Pier to various destinations in the Greater Pearl River Delta.[5]

On 1 April 2013, Waterfront Air concluded an agreement with the Shenzhen Dapeng Peninsula government to operate seaplane services from Nan'Ao.[6]


Waterfront Air's proposed destinations:[2][3]


Waterfront Air's proposed fleet:[3]


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