Waterloo Wind Farm

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Waterloo Wind Farm

Waterloo wind farm is based East of Mintaro, South Australia. The 111megawatt wind farm spreads across 5 acres of land and cost about $350 million, it began construction in November, 2008 and has been operational since October 2010. It takes about 24 hours to erect a wind turbine and 4 days to complete all terminations.

Waterloo wind farm has 37 turbines, each 80 metres high, with each turbine blade 44 metres long and weighing about 8 tonnes. The tower sections weigh approx. 90 tonnes in total with the tower and blades combined weighing 125 tonnes. On average the blades turn at 16.2 rpm. There are 4 levels in a turbine and it takes about 5 minutes to get to the top.

Each wind turbine produces on average 24 megawatt hours of power each day. On a windy day 3 wind turbines can power the whole of Clare and the whole wind farm can power up to 163,000 homes or 5-10% of South Australia.

In July, 2014 students from Vineyard Lutheran School in the Clare Valley visited the Waterloo wind farm and collated the above information.

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