Watermelon steak

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Watermelon steaks on the grill

Watermelon steak is a grilled piece of watermelon.[1] Some who have tried it compare its texture to that of seared meat, while others claim it is unique in its taste and texture. It is called "watermelon steak" due to its appearance and texture, and the fact that it is grilled.

Boston Phoenix writer Robert Nadeau described his experience with watermelon steak thus:

"In some fashion that I don't understand, the process makes it (the watermelon) lose its granularity, so that it looks and for a moment even chews a little like seared raw tuna, which it resembles. The flavor isn't sweet, although it isn't meaty either, but enough of the browning comes through to make it a little like a piece of meat, and lots of fun..."[2]


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