Watershed (Christian band)

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Origin Nashville, Tennessee, USA
Genres Christian, A cappella, Indie
Years active 2002 – 2008
Labels none
Website www.watershedworship.com
Members Chris Lindsey- lead, baritone; Sean Algaier- lead, 1st tenor; Michael Forehand- lead, 2nd tenor; Tony Brown- vocal percussion, baritone; Todd Dunaway- bass

Watershed is a Christian music group. Singing in the a cappella style (with the addition of Tony Brown's "beatboxing"), the group produced its first album, Audience of One in 2002. Since then, the group has produced four more albums, with their latest, I Know You Love Me being released in 2007. The ministry involved with the band is known as "Watershed Worship." The original group consisted of Chris Lindsey (baritone), Aaron Johnson (tenor), Laura Ellis (alto), and Todd Dunaway (bass). Over the years it changed members, but the current Members are Chris Lindsey (baritone), Todd Dunaway (bass), Sean Algaier (tenor), Michael Forehand (tenor), and Tony Brown (vocal percussion).


Albums with songs by year.

  • 2002- Audience of One
  1. "Free to Dance"
  2. "Lord, Reign in Me"
  3. "Audience of One"
  4. "That's Why We Praise Him"
  5. "Start a Fire"
  6. "Trading My Sorrows"
  7. "The Joy of the Lord"
  8. "Sweet Adoration"
  9. "You Are Holy (Prince of Peace)"
  10. "We Enter In"
  • 2003- All My Life
  1. "All My Life"
  2. "Touching Heaven, Changing Earth"
  3. "We Want to See Jesus Lifted High"
  4. "Ancient Words"
  5. "Grace Flows Down"
  6. "Arms of Love"
  7. "Breathe"
  8. "All Who are Thirsty"
  9. "At the Name of Jesus"
  10. "I Lift Up My Hands"
  11. "Take Your Place"
  12. "Forever"
  13. "Jambulani" (bonus track)
  • 2005- Let Go
  1. "Come On"
  2. "Never Let You Go"
  3. "You"
  4. "Face to Face"
  5. "Who's That Man"
  6. "To Be Yours"
  7. "Show Me"
  8. "City of Children"
  9. "Everybody Needs Love"
  10. "Make Me a Storm"
  • 2007- Pray For Africa
  1. "Days of Elijah"
  2. "In Christ Alone"
  3. "How Great Is Our God"
  4. "Your Name"
  5. "I Belong To Jesus"
  6. "Jambulani"
  • 2007- I Know You Love Me
  1. "Arise"
  2. "Beautiful One"
  3. "Your Name"
  4. "Give Us Clean Hands"
  5. "At The Cross"
  6. "Everyday"
  7. "Offering"
  8. "Worthy Is The Lamb"
  9. "Here I Am To Worship"
  10. "This Is How We Overcome"
  11. "How Great Is Our God"

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