Waterworld (Leak Bros. album)

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Studio album by Leak Bros.
Released July 14, 2004
Recorded 2003-2004
Genre Hip Hop
Length 41:41
Label Eastern Conference
Producer DJ Mighty Mi
Camu Tao
Kool Mellow Max 165

Waterworld, is an album by the Leak Bros. the album was released on July 14, 2004 by Eastern Conference. The Leak Bros. is a rap duo composed of underground rappers Cage Kennylz and Tame One. Every song on Waterworld is about the drug PCP.

Street names for PCP like "water," "wet," "leak," "fry", "sherm," "dip," "death," "angel dust," "dust," "purple rain," "embalming fluid," and "formaldehyde" are all constantly referenced throughout the album. Cage and Tame One frequently mention "dipping" cigarettes, blunts and other smoking material in PCP.

The Leak Bros. made their first appearance on Cage's 2003 E.P. Weatherproof on the song "Leak Bros.," which was also solely about PCP and on Tame One's When Rappers Attack, a song called Leak Smoke.

Track listing[edit]

  1. PCP Ward (Intro) - 0:48
  2. Got Wet - 4:01
  3. Waterworld - 4:41
  4. See Thru - 3:33
  5. G.O.D. - 4:19
  6. Gimmesumdeath - 4:14
  7. Follow the Liters - 2:53
  8. Dead - 4:27
  9. Druggie Fresh - 2:38
  10. Delerium - 3:28
  11. Leakie Leak (Skit) - 0:25
  12. Stargate - 2:01
  13. Submerged - 3:26
  14. Outro - 0:47


  • "See Thru"
    • "Skull Session" by Oliver Nelson (this most likely is a reference to fellow PCP smoker Big Lurch's track "Texas Boy", which samples the same song. Within the year before Waterworld was released, Big Lurch had been given a life sentence for murdering his female roommate while on PCP.)
  • "Follow The Liters"
  • "Dead"
    • "Suicide Kiss" by Rolly
  • "Outro"
  • "PCP Ward"
  • "Gimmesumdeath"