Watkins Range

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Watkins Range
Watkins Mountains
Watkins Range
Highest point
Peak Gunnbjørn Fjeld
Elevation 12,119 ft (3,694 m)
Country Greenland
Municipality Sermersooq
Range coordinates 68°45′N 29°38′W / 68.75°N 29.63°W / 68.75; -29.63Coordinates: 68°45′N 29°38′W / 68.75°N 29.63°W / 68.75; -29.63

The Watkins Range is Greenland's highest mountain range, with massive ice-covered peaks and exposed cliffs. The Watkins Range has excellent snow as well as ice routes for experienced climbers. Good climbing conditions are present for the most part in July and August.

The primary peak of the range is Gunnbjørn Fjeld (12,139 ft./3,694 m.), also the highest peak in the Arctic.


  • Gunnbjørn Fjeld - 3,694m
  • Dome - 3,682m
  • Cone - 3,669m

and many other mountains higher than 3,000m